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Welcome everyone to our Blog Page for our Etsy Company – Infinity Creations and Vintage Gallery

We are Scott and René Booker of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have been wanting to start our own little online business for some time now, and what better way to start off the NEW YEAR?   New Challenges!  New Opportunities!  Right??

René currently makes most everything that you will see in our store. However, now that Scott has a lot of free time on his hands (he was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and can’t work a normal job) he may be pursing some of his creative passions as well, and will be selling his works online. He also has a fondness for Vintage items and will probably be pursuing that passion quite often within the store. Along with Scott and René…Scott’s mom may be giving us some of her unique items to sell from time to time also.

We hope you check us out from time to time.

We will be posting new listings on here, but we will also be posting other items like craft tips and ideas, design ideas, etc.  We want you all to get your creative juices flowing as well!

Thank you for stopping by!  We hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship!


Smiling While Sending Hope


I was recently contacted by this wonderful individual named Katie Haynes.

Sarah has created “Smiling While Sending Hope” and asked me if I would like to contribute to her cause.

About Katie:  “My name is Katie Hayne and I’m 18 years old. I have chronic illness myself and love giving back. I have made chemo bags and done toy drives in the past. I’m currently working on my care packages for local teens and young adults and some kids going though different health challenges like myself or maybe going though a rough time. I was wondering if you all could help me. I’m collecting items of all types!”

So I am contributing some items that have to do with Chronic Illnesses that I sell in our Etsy Store!

If you would like to help Katie out…or learn more…check her out on FACEBOOK

I am sure she would love to hear from you!

Zebra Strong Care Packages


I was recently contacted by this wonderful individual named Sarah Jean.

Sarah has created “Zebra Strong Care Packages” and asked me if I would like to contribute to her cause.

Her cause…is simple:  “I have decided to dedicate my extra time finding items personalized to the person in a care package for those whom suffer from chronic illnesses. Each package will be different with a personalized card as well. I suffer daily with over 8 chronic illnesses and I would love to get a package in the mail so why wouldn’t they. ~ SarahJean”

So I am contributing some items that have to do with Chronic Illnesses that I sell in our Etsy Store!

If you would like to help Sarah Jean out…or learn more…check her out on INSTAGRAM:


I am sure she would love to hear from you!!!

The Milk Jug…

Milk Jug 1

One of the main reasons I love running our Etsy store is that I LOVE talking with our customers.  Coming from a background of working in the Customer Service industry for 25+ years, and then having to leave it because of my health…I was really depressed.

So…when the opportunity came up for the Etsy store…I jumped at the chance.  Now…I don’t get to interact with the customers too much…but every now and then I do…and I LOVE IT!

For example…the picture up above?  See the cool Milk Jug that has the wooden spoons in there?  Well…that was something I sold to one of our customers.  And she took a picture of it and sent it to me to show me how she had incorporated it into her kitchen decor.

I WAS THRILLED!!!   That for me…made my month.  To see that something I found and then sold to a customer…which in turn made them happy and that they are already using it…and happy enough to send me a picture of it being used put me on cloud 9.

So thank you Trisha for sending me this picture!  It meant the world to me.

And for any other customers out there!  I would love to hear from you!  Even if it has nothing to do with the items we are selling!  LOL  Seriously though…I would love to see more pictures like this!  I would love to see and hear your stories of how the items I am selling to you have made you or someone else happy.

Or, if there is something out there you are looking for, and can’t seem to find….I have the time and energy to look for you!  Always happy to help!

THANK YOU!!!  And all my love to all our customers!


National Reading Month

Reading Month 1

The month of March is known to be the “reading month.”  This is a great time for you to grab your favorite book and dive right in! Or if you haven’t read in a while, check out some intriguing tiles you can grab at your local library or bookstore!

Information about the National Reading Group Month:

The National Reading Group Month, from the Women’s National Book Association, launched National Reading Group Month in October 2007. The WNBA hosts special events in the chapter cities, which include: Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. The events are welcomed to the public and a portion of the proceeds from select NRGM events are donated to the U.S. Fund for Unicef.

National Reading Group Month

The Mission of WNBA:

· Increase public awareness of the joy and value of shared reading

· Provide a time for reading groups to celebrate their accomplishments and plan for the future

· Provide opportunities for individuals to join an existing reading group or start a new one

· Encourage libraries, bookstores, and organizations to host special reading group events


Listed below, are some interesting reading statistics for you to consider, excerpted from: Jackson, Robyn. Writers Workshop, some startling statistics. From, Retrieved on March 22, 2010.

· 53% of readers read fiction (Publishers Weekly)

· 43% of readers read non-fiction (Publishers Weekly)

· The favorite fiction category is mystery and suspense at 19% (Publishers Weekly)

· 55% of fiction is bought by women, 45% by men (Publishers Weekly)

· 120,000 books are published each year in the United States (

March 2nd – National Old Stuff Day

National Old Stuff Day 1

Old Stuff Day is all about…well, old stuff. Bits and bobs that have been gathering dust for ages in your home, trinkets, and toys up in the attic, antiques and old electronics – you’re bound to have some old stuff knocking about. And today is all about appreciating it. Because what’s better than uncovering something really awesome from days gone by?

It’s so easy to let things gather dust. If we don’t use them every day, some things can get pushed to the side and stay there. And that’s not just the things in your home – technology advances so quickly, new toys come out all the time, new books are constantly being published. In the age of new information, it isn’t easy to stay mindful of what built the foundations for what we have now. Today is all about remembering the things we sometimes leave behind.

The History of Old Stuff Day
If you think about it, there’s always been old stuff – but exactly when Old Stuff Day started to be celebrated isn’t too clear. That said, there’s no doubt that this is an important day for those who are a fan of all things gone by.

We’ve long had an appreciation for the value that age can bring to items. Wine becomes better the older it gets, furniture becomes more of a must-have once it becomes an antique; it’s certain that old things aren’t without their uses, value or charm. Collectors nowadays will pay a pretty penny for stamps, toys, video games, board games, books, coins, and clothes of yesterday.

How to Celebrate Old Stuff Day
Vintage fashion is still in vogue, but you can really get into the spirit of things by visiting a junk shop or visiting you local car boot – another person’s old stuff could be your new stuff! Or maybe now is a good day to declutter? Stuff you aren’t so into any more could make a great gift for someone else, or you could always pass you old things on to your local charity shop.

If you’re in a crafty mood, you could upcycle your old clothes into new outfits with just a little tailoring, or turn unwanted trinkets into snazzy boho decorations. Today would be a good day to visit your older relatives and learn about your family history, and the kind of shenanigans your grandparents would get up to back in the golden days.

Most of all, remember that today’s new stuff will one day be new stuff – so if you’re a fan of nostalgia, don’t get overzealous with that charity bag!


Our First Year


It is hard to believe that our first year is over….

What is even harder to believe….is that we somehow had over 775 sales in our first year.

Along with that….we maintained a 5 STAR rating from our customers with 176 Reviews.

When I first started this….I was going to be happy if we had a few orders here and there….giving us a little bit of extra money.  Now…it is a legitimate extra business…and extra income.

And something I can be proud of.

Look out 2018!!!