Infinity Creations & Vintage Gallery

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Welcome everyone to our Blog Page for our Etsy Company – Infinity Creations and Vintage Gallery

We are Scott and René Booker of Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have been wanting to start our own little online business for some time now, and what better way to start off the NEW YEAR?   New Challenges!  New Opportunities!  Right??

René currently makes most everything that you will see in our store. However, now that Scott has a lot of free time on his hands (he was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and can’t work a normal job) he may be pursing some of his creative passions as well, and will be selling his works online. He also has a fondness for Vintage items and will probably be pursuing that passion quite often within the store. Along with Scott and René…Scott’s mom may be giving us some of her unique items to sell from time to time also.

We hope you check us out from time to time.

We will be posting new listings on here, but we will also be posting other items like craft tips and ideas, design ideas, etc.  We want you all to get your creative juices flowing as well!

Thank you for stopping by!  We hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship!



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