The Milk Jug…

Milk Jug 1

One of the main reasons I love running our Etsy store is that I LOVE talking with our customers.  Coming from a background of working in the Customer Service industry for 25+ years, and then having to leave it because of my health…I was really depressed.

So…when the opportunity came up for the Etsy store…I jumped at the chance.  Now…I don’t get to interact with the customers too much…but every now and then I do…and I LOVE IT!

For example…the picture up above?  See the cool Milk Jug that has the wooden spoons in there?  Well…that was something I sold to one of our customers.  And she took a picture of it and sent it to me to show me how she had incorporated it into her kitchen decor.

I WAS THRILLED!!!   That for me…made my month.  To see that something I found and then sold to a customer…which in turn made them happy and that they are already using it…and happy enough to send me a picture of it being used put me on cloud 9.

So thank you Trisha for sending me this picture!  It meant the world to me.

And for any other customers out there!  I would love to hear from you!  Even if it has nothing to do with the items we are selling!  LOL  Seriously though…I would love to see more pictures like this!  I would love to see and hear your stories of how the items I am selling to you have made you or someone else happy.

Or, if there is something out there you are looking for, and can’t seem to find….I have the time and energy to look for you!  Always happy to help!

THANK YOU!!!  And all my love to all our customers!



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