WOW! 500 Sales!

500 Sales

We are humbled by the love and support of our wonderful customers!!

THANK YOU ALL for helping our store succeed!!  You mean the world to us!

And you are always welcome to come back to Our Store


Scott & René


100 Reviews – 5 Star Average


When we first started this store….I honestly had no idea how we were going to do. Would we even sell 1 item!??  Would we sell 2???  I had no idea.

And I literally was very scared.  I was no longer able to work due to my Menieres Disease…and I was really afraid that I was going to start this new venture and it was going to be a complete flop and I was going to go into an even deeper depression than I was already in.

But miracles do happen.

And although it took an awful lot of hard work…and a lot of hours sitting at my computer (making myself worse – because staring at a computer screen for any length of time makes my vertigo issues worse)….people started coming to the store.  Then they started buying things.  And then…they started giving me feedback!

And now…after about 8 months of doing this….we are close to selling 400 items….and we just had our 100th review – giving us an average of 5 out of 5 STARS rating.

Does that mean everything has been perfect??  Nope.  We have had some delivery issues, a couple broken items, things like that.  But after years and years of working in customer service….I will do whatever it takes to make sure that my customers are 100% satisfied by the time the “transaction” is over.  And I want to make sure that they WANT to come back and shop with us some more!

And I want to THANK all of our customers!  YOU mean the world to us!  You are what keep us going!  You are what keep ME going!  I love talking with you, I love interacting with you, I love working with you!  Not to sound too corny here….


And now…I would like to share with you all…some of the feedback that we have received! And again…THANK YOU for sharing your feedback!  You may not know it…but it has made me SMILE….and it has made me very HAPPY!  And I hope…that I can keep doing the same for you!!!

Your Friend,   Scott  (And René)

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Celebrity Autographs


So…for many years…I have been collecting celebrity autographs.  This has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid.  I remember the first autograph book I ever had.  I started off with getting autographs of my family members.

Then…when my brother and I were old enough…my parents took us to see the Bob Braun show.  Robert E. “Bob” Braun was a local television and radio personality in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born in Ludlow, Kentucky. He was best known for The Bob Braun Show, which he hosted from 1967 to 1984 on the daytime schedule five days a week.  We got to meet him and a few celebrities that were on the show and get their autographs.

Then we started following the 50’s and 60’s Rock-n-Roll Review Group “The Van-Dells” and we got their autographs.  IT WAS SO COOL!

As I got older…I started writing to my favorite actors, actresses, baseball players, singers, etc. and started asking them for their autographs…and I started getting some back.

As the internet age started…and addresses and email addresses started to become easier to find…the more letters I sent.  And the more autographs I got back.

So….I have decided that since we are needing the money due to my health issues, medical bills, etc….I am selling off some of my collection.  I am keeping some of my all time favorites…but selling some of the others in our ETSY store.

So…I hope you check them out!!  There are some really cool ones there…and I am keeping the prices low for you fans out there!!!!!


SEO – Search Engine Optimization



Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this, by doing so you’re taking a great step in improving your Etsy shop’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I know that SEO can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! I have a quick tip for you today that will help you rank better in search engines and get found in more customer searches. Doesn’t that sounds like a step worth taking?!

Did you know that whenever a high quality website that is relevant to the items you sell links to your shop, it boosts your SEO? That is why it can be a great boost to your visibility in search engines if you get featured a high profile website or blog. Not only does it get more eyes on your products from people seeing the feature or article, it will continue to help your SEO long after the feature as well because search engines will continue to pick up the link on the popular site and say to itself… “hmmm, if this Etsy shop is featured on this high quality site, it must mean it’s something people want to see” and then it will rate your site higher in relevant search results.

Even though this kind of exposure is great, we’re not all lucky enough to get featured on a high profile blog or site, but guess what? Etsy is a high profile site that is relevant to the items you sell, because you sell there as does other people selling similar products. This means that if you post the link to your Etsy shop in all of your listings, in your shop announcement, in your shop profile, etc. it actually helps to boost your SEO!

Here is a good way to apply this thinking. In all of your listing descriptions, at the bottom of all of your text say something like: “To see more of my {enter the type of item you sell here} make sure to visit my shop:

That’s it! Do the same thing at the end of your shop announcement and profile: “Back to my shop:”.
Whenever you link to your shop in this format in your listings and shop homepage it will become a clickable link that helps with your Etsy shop SEO. Pretty cool right?!

I hope this quick tip helps you make some valuable changes to your Etsy shop so you can help your shop rate better in search engines.

Christmas In July Sale!


That is right FOLKS…

Just like the Hallmark channel on TV….it is time for us to start thinking about the HOLIDAYS as well!

So we are starting our CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale!!

All you have to do is buy an item in our store that has the word Christmas in the item title…and use the coupon code CHRISTMAS at check out and you will get 10% off your entire order.  No minimum amount needed!


HO HO HO!!!!!

250 SALES!! WOW!


Sometimes….I have to pinch myself to even make myself believe that we could possibly have 250 items sold in 7 months time!  It is so amazing!

We have had such GREAT customers!!  I love working with them and talking with them!! They are amazing as well!

I am truly enjoying this job!  I hate that my health issues have pretty much confined me to my home…but I am LOVING this job!  It is so much fun for me!  I love finding the items, researching them, marketing them, doing the social media, etc.

This job suits me.

So I send ALL our customers a BIG THANK YOU!  Thank you for your patronage….but also THANK YOU for making me feel good again!  From the bottom of my heart….


200 SALES!!!

200 Sales

It is hard to even imagine….

It has truly only been about 6 months since we have actually got the shop up and running.

And we have had OVER 200 sales!

50+ Positive Reviews!

And a lot of great feedback and a lot of help from so many people!

It is just overwhelming….and exciting!!

And THANK YOU just does not seem to be enough!!